Welcome 2014

As we take a deep breath and release all that has been we step into a new year of possibilities. What we are creating we invite in as our future. It is always there and yet seems to remain a veiled mystery that we open ourselves to with each step we take.

2014 is about human transformation so brings life changes, losses and gains in ways that are blessings and also carry unexpected processes for us to be clear about who we are and our purpose here. We have been experiencing huge changes in three ways that make us feel the most vulnerable. One is in relationship, two is financial, and three is dealing with health issues.

We can be faced with one or a combination of them and it is clear that we are having to face our own personal transformation as never before. The major shift is that we realize the balance and integration of our basic design as light beings in body. The main thing is our awareness of masculine/feminine energies, the way we operate in sync with our spirituality. It is more than being male or female; it is to sustain being both to express being light in body. This means living at peace and in love with the choices we make and all that happens.

With all the global unrest and fear, negativity has blossomed in most all areas of life. Stresses are compounded and we have to deal with the three major shifts in our consciousness. We are being opened to recognize that spirit informs our every choice. Being hit hard by loss of people, money and security, as we have known them, is taking its toll on us every day. We have to be accountable that we chose to be born, chose our parents and are living life the way we designed it. This clarity breaks the loop of cause and effect, strengthens our immune system, and allows us to use the information spirit guides us with.

This does not make it easier it just allows us to hover the grueling processes of life more clearly. This healthy detachment from people’s drama and struggle is freeing to see truth and what spirit and our light is all about. It is time to assess our choices and trust that we are here to make this a better place. Trust, love, spirit, and our light are tools to break patterns of worry, stress, negativity, and illness.

We are in a two-year cycle completing our transformation so people are experiencing all kinds of problems. It is good to remember that it is a cleanse while simultaneously spacing our cells to synapse light energy. This means we are apt to forget, operate at a loss at times, feel health symptoms for no reason, and feel a loss of equilibrium or balance.

We are pulling through this to be more clear channels of light energy and break from conditions thus claiming our lightness of being.

Celebrate your light, love abundantly and unconditionally, be at peace, be kind to yourself and others, be happy in your heart, and know you are loved for who you are.

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