We seem to have leapt quickly from one year to another, has time sped up?  Truth is that time cannot be calculated as in the past.  Well imagine being in a train looking out the window and seeing another train passing, yes that is how time appears now.  Data is coming at us rapid-fire, I fondly refer to as shrapnel of information because we are being assaulted by it the same as if a hand grenade went off; and it can be as deadly.  A commonly used term is TMI or too much information.  The stress this creates is making us feel like we have to catch up or speed up our pace.

It is time we pace ourselves and eliminate stress and the people and events that cause and perpetuate it.  The media and the hype surrounding technology, can be the worst negative influence.   It can feel like we bought the big ticket to the amusement park and are on the monster coaster, tea cups spinning and swirling, and all the colossal whips and drops – well you get the picture.

Actually the great news is that we are experiencing transcendent transformation so we are well, very well only it feels disorienting.  Just what do we think transformation looks and feels like…….rhetorical.  Snakes and lobsters shed skin and outer layers so they emerge new and expanded.  We think that because we are shedding negativity and expanding in consciousness something abnormal is occurring; this is not so.   It is as natural or nature like as can be.  Since we are light beings only visiting this reality for an eye blink, we attempt to think and reason what is happening.

We are brilliant, radiant, unique individuals designed to shine light into this world to make it and leave it a better place for our being here.  We create chaos, change, shifts in consciousness and spread love and light energy by being who we are.  The physical aspects are that we are bored and sick in heart for all the toxic waste we suck in day to day.  Unfortunately people can be suck-holes of consciousness, dispersing negative thoughts and actions triggering fear and upset to our sensitive and intricate systems.  Remember we are designed as power lasers of light energy to quell and disperse all this toxic waste so keep hearts and heads held high and be all it takes to create love and light in the world.

It begins with every thought, action, and way of doing things throughout the day.  Each moment is magic to create miracles and use the light energy we bring here.

Blessings and may we create the most amazing miracles in 2016 with love.

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