We have launched into an exciting time of transformation.  Of course no one knows what that looks like and we are feeling it, experiencing it, and aware of how upsetting it can be.  Emotions run amok, most people have created life changes bringing in new and letting go of so much about past.

It is a great time to remember who we are and that we have come here to make this a better place.  Trans-channeling light energy and consciousness progressing beyond conditions are big words that we do not pay much mind to ordinarily.  We often can be bogged down by the muck and mire of life’s processes; the little things that happen everyday.  It is like having a huge problem quickly minimalized by missing the nail and hitting our thumb with the hammer or even a paper cut.  So we must always begin with being light.

Even though we are able to transform our experience, life on Earth is about being form conscious while being light in body.  This means that we are in a closed circuit system of conditions; a constant orbit or cycle of life.  The tools we have are light energy, soul, and spirit to cut through or break that looping and open to our spirit consciousness progression.  You may read this about this in my book soon to be published.

This message is to greet 2015 being inspired to create and avoid circumstances, conditions, people, and eliminate all sources of negativity in our life.  Keep it as simple as possible either yay or nay, ok or not, as clean and clear as can be.  When we affirm our being as a light being in human form we set the tone for light being the context and then the content of life may be handled with less effort and struggle.  At first it might seem we care less or are more ambivalent, when it is actually creating a healthy detachment from any process or behavior.

Intent is powerful and keeping a healthy detachment is slightly hovering our physical condition while flowing in spirit consciousness.  This gives us a feeling of being spaced and experience lightness in regard to all conditions.  When intent is spirit beyond the physical we can manifest all we desire.  It is time to use the power transformation is, and create community of all that align to celebrate life with all the light of being.

Continue creating a life of abundant blessings and good fortune.  Be well and do all in life that makes your heart sing.


We know that there really is no good or bad, it is what it is. We make judgments and evaluate everything rather than scanning it and letting it be. To do this does make it easier to sort what works and what does not in life.

There is always a choice to think or hover thought and look into what is going on, to see it for all it is. Thinking of course sources in our brain so compartmentalizes what has happened so it is retrievable on recall. The downside of this is that it only operates in the past. When spirit is guiding us with information into our future we have to trust bypassing our brain so that we access spirit/soul/light and move beyond thinking. We are designed this way, like having a light above our forehead so we can see beyond thought and go with that intuit, hunch or ah ha, that first impulse.

Using light energy is so natural and easy that most people fail to trust it. That is why most people default to the brain, mindsets and programming and go with it. That is operating in the past and why people are so addicted to negativity, being bored and operating in loops creating the same things over and over. Yes, we are creatures of habit and it is time to use our greatest tool to shatter habits and self-destructive patterns of behavior. This tool is our Spirit. Yes, spirit guides us with information it sources from soul and light so that we can operate beyond our brain using instincts, intuition and those undeniable ‘gut feelings’ to move beyond the muck and mire to the solutions and outcomes we want. This is using light energy as information to guide us as light beings in body.

Being light in body is amazing and what life is all about. Is it really that easy? Of course it is and why people contemplate it and complicate it to feel that it is more real. This is why one thought form makes us afraid, feel awkward or dumb, and inhibits us from trusting ourselves and will even kill us. One thought can cause depression, disease, illness and death. One ah ha can shift reality, transform it and propel us into creation to be inspired and create amazing things. That is unless we think about it or second-guess it, like pouring acid on it to kill it dead. And herein lies the onset of depression.

So what we can do to contradict this way of thinking and behaving is trust being light and practice forcing the brain to quiet as we listen to spirit. What follows and is part of this are thoughts and feelings of being alone, isolated, separate and vulnerable. While this is good we are programmed to think and feel that it is not and we feel lost and abandoned. We then seek solace in groups for agreement and so we don’t feel alone. We are social animals so we socialize, commiserate and lament negative circumstances, stir up and dwell in circumstances and self-created problems. We even brainstorm thinking we are creating and spirit buoys to soul so we confirm the feelings of abandonment. This is all light physics and can be a natural human process. This is the reason we must affirm our being light then soul then spirit then physical and then our choice in body. We can even delude ourselves to thinking that we are not in the muck and mire of negativity.

All this leads to our displacement from our connection to soul/light to an umbilical cord attached to another human we call mother. This makes it natural to choose another attachment and become dependent upon our thoughts, programming, beliefs and conditioning. This is the hold that religion, medicine, school, trainings, and other places and people we use as authority. Once we see this and soar beyond thinking about it we feel light and use light energy as our way to create wellness and well being here in a body.

Does it foul up? Of course so that we can distinguish our light/soul connection here from the conditions and physics of this universe; keep ourselves in check and trustworthy to create our own individual way of living. This is a tall order for people who love being dependent, needy for attention and attachment who will use any way to get it, most commonly weakness/helplessness/victim/illness to satisfy the craving for attention. People whose partners are sick, alcoholics, abusers, and energy vampires will go to any lengths to create the attention and they are never happy.

This world has fixed conditions. As unconditional beings in a conditional world we must maintain connection beyond conditions to practice being light and in body simultaneously. This is not tricky, it is clear information and when freeing the shackles of human consciousness we free ourselves to be light and grace in motion. We cut and sort through the muck and mire easily without being caught up in it. This is like my experience of being underwater swimming through thick kelp beds. Relaxing and following the surge while not panicking one can move through it effortlessly. The other side to that is struggling and panicking resulting in drowning. I see this analogous to battling human consciousness and the processes common in life. This is also true in Tai Chi and other martial art forms. Moving with the chi frees the energy and avoids the confront. The master uses the energy to defeat his opponent. In life we are masterful when we use light energy to defeat and move beyond any entangling or life threatening condition; the most lethal being a thought.

What are you thinking? Notice that it is impossible to be negative or hold negative thoughts when you are struck with beauty, that butterfly, a sunset, the hummingbird in motion, and most nature that gives us ways to open to light.

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