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When you make exquisite choices for yourself and for others with love and their best interests at heart you create and empower light energy to flow. This becomes the healing required and the openness for spirit and soul to supply information that guides you and allows you feel clearer as a channel of light energy.

Celebrate Life and Your Soul Journey

Celebrate life for all it can be and continually make choices that reflect your spirit, intelligence, wisdom, love, and magnify the light being you were born to be. This is your soul journey. It is what life is about and what this time in our evolution is clearly about. Form in body to formless without leaving the body is what most people are having difficulty with. Read the rest of this entry »

Affirmation of Being

I am a Light Being in Human Form

Light is my source. I am clear.

I create and live well as a channel of Light.

I embody all that is good, kind, compassionate, gleeful and loving.

I am the consciousness and trans-channel of Light energy on Earth.

By what I think, feel, speak and do, I trans Light energy into the environment of my life. I trans-channel Light energy to form my thoughts, feelings, words and actions so that I sustain and express Light in the world always.

I channel omnipotent Light energy to add beauty, harmony, order and peace in the world.

All that I am, do and express returns to me fulfilled. I am aware that all of my thoughts, feelings and words are positive, specific and complete.

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