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Being Accountable

We are experiencing the Age of Miracles, a time of unprecedented individual and global transformation. It is time to access higher power, whatever that happens to be for you and connect to that source directly through your heart. The sustaining power of light energy is what drives us to have ideals and thoughts beyond just being in body so that we are always open to love in ways that truly express our heart. New ideas that enter our minds channel from spirit guiding us in life; beyond the way we think, believe or perform actions and activities involving any belief system. This soulful connection to light energy is what is called the light of God or the divine energy in any avatar or Supreme Being and it is summoning a deep knowing within us. Read the rest of this entry »

The Use of Trans-Channeling

Your being in body is complex the way that a computer is designed to sustain and accomplish many functions simultaneously. It is complete in the same way by tabulating varied tasks from a variety of files programmed and stored in it. Transformation is the shift in that capacity to keep data and process it the same. This really gets confusing when you think of it but looking at it as computing, managing files, storing and deleting makes it easier to handle. Read the rest of this entry »

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