Affirmation of Being

I am a Light Being in Human Form

Light is my source. I am clear.

I create and live well as a channel of Light.

I embody all that is good, kind, compassionate, gleeful and loving.

I am the consciousness and trans-channel of Light energy on Earth.

By what I think, feel, speak and do, I trans Light energy into the environment of my life. I trans-channel Light energy to form my thoughts, feelings, words and actions so that I sustain and express Light in the world always.

I channel omnipotent Light energy to add beauty, harmony, order and peace in the world.

All that I am, do and express returns to me fulfilled. I am aware that all of my thoughts, feelings and words are positive, specific and complete.

I am Blessed

I create perfection. I channel ever-renewing life, health, vitality and wisdom beyond understanding. I manifest wealth, prosperity, happiness, glee and an overflowing abundance of all the good things on Earth guided by spirit.

I am Well

Light energy completely fills my life and environment so that everyday my capacity to channel it increases and magnifies.

I am whole and complete Light, which makes me strong, competent and loving.

I am willing to be fully Self-realized and Self-expressed fulfilling my soul journey as a Light being in body.

Lightfully, I simply live each day creating what is positive and makes my heart sing.

Light force to Life force creates my reality.

I am Clear This Affirms my Being

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