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Keeping Healthy Detachment

What I refer to as healthy detachment is a separation between the physical and spirit. It is allowing the circumstances of life to play out while remaining true to the information from spirit we can use to guide the choices we make. Healthy detachment is that territory dividing emotion/reactions/thoughts/negative patterns and programming from that quiet voice only we know to trust. We can call it following our heart, listening to spirit, or simply that hunch or our intuition that is core to our being; we so often dismiss..

Since information flows through us constantly we have to tune in to heart and be aware of how our brain and memory wants to control what we do. This takes practice so keep a vigorous sense of humor as you trust your deepest knowing and take it all step by step. Keeping a healthy detachment from guilt and destructive behavioral patterns that others often impose on us is what our spirit path and soul journey are about. Generate love and lightness channeling light energy into your life creates a trust in your voice, way of being and how you create your reality.

This truly is easier than you think for the brain loves the shadowy aspects of consciousness and will urge you to live in chaos, conflict and some form of struggle and misery. Healthy detachment is freeing and is our way to live happy and well. Trust yourself. let love flow and your light shine into life as you create your reality. Remember that as you are living this way and making choices for yourself others will detach in ways you may not expect. Blessing and Releasing is letting it all be and allowing your palate to change, subtle nuances of change, foods/colors/what you read and who you are around. It is all healthy detachment as you experience more of all that is positive and makes you happy and healthy.


Soul Dignifies Space

Soul power is a validation of the presence of light in your life.

Soul dignifies space as the illuminating power in and around the content, form and conditions that define life. Since you are conduit of this energy in your life you are accountable to radiating this out from you into everything and everyone. The sun radiates energy as a component of our universe and gives light.  In this way, you give that light which establishes this illuminating power into the world.

For example, I recall a time when I was sitting in a musical theatre class in Los Angeles with my coach David Craig. The actress, Nina Foch had just given a stunning performance of a song she was practicing for an upcoming audition in NYC.  When she finished,  the room stilled and a sense of awe come over the room. David then asked for a volunteer to perform next. No one moved, not one hand raised.  At that point, he bolted out of his chair and reprimanded us, “How dare you!,” he said. “You have just been handed gold as the space to perform in. Every hand should be raised,and all of you should be anxious to step into this privileged space.”  Later, I would realize that through her soul power, she demonstrated how soul dignifies space by giving us this amazing experience. It touched me deeply and has lingered throughout my life.

Each of you have this ability, to channel energy in ways that impact the space by all you think, say and do.  Walk with grace and with your head and heart held high so you shine your light into the world.  Be the illuminating power of light into the circumstances of your life.  Be positive, kind, compassionate and live in alignment with this energy flow.

soul be it

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