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Being Light: A Guide to Living in

Multidimensional Realities

by Bryan Christopher

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Spirit and poetry are never without each other, Christopher writes of “Living in Multidimensional Realities.” Bryan Christopher found words for a place that before had no words. This is a distinctly different book from anything ever I’ve read before. Information, organization and artistry are here. Christopher has a lyrical mind and lets language tell an extraordinary story. A world-class spiritual leader and psychic. An electrifying revelatory book. This is a voice that never existed before. Highly recommended.

Grace Cavalieri
The Washington Independent Review of Books





Being Light: A Guide to Living in Multidimensional Realities is a compilation of material I have trans-channeled throughout my life. The main purpose of the book is to reveal and affirm our origin as light beings and explain each step of our soul and spirit journeys into the bodies we occupy and then transcend at death, providing a better perspective on why we know things beyond what we have been told or programmed to think, such as why we can sense a soul mate or a personal destiny. The book also seeks to clarify how light energy is a repository of information for humankind and how we can trans-channel it to guide our lives. Trans-channeling is the act of using the light energy flowing through us as information; when trans-channeling, we bypass the brain and become immediately linked to our spirits for guidance.


Further, the book illuminates human evolution from the perspective of our origin as light beings rather than our viewpoint as human beings. Trans-channeling light energy for human evolution reveals how it progresses as consciousness through various realities and levels to eventually enter physical reality. Knowing about light energy helps us gain the ability to use it as information to both validate our existence as light beings in form and also make more discerning choices in our lives.


Another purpose of this book is to demonstrate that human beings possess greater power to make choices in their lives than we may have previously realized. Sections explain how, as light beings, we choose our own realities long before progressing into human form. In effect, we write our parts into our own scripts coming in, and during our lives we play these parts to the best of our ability, making decisions guided by our spirits in much the same way that actors are guided by directors to achieve their best performances.


This book is also a useful guide for understanding our transformation from light energy to form to formlessness, as well as the types of choices our spirits choreograph for us along the way. Such choices and how they play out in physical reality make us unique and give us accountability. Accountability involves accepting responsibility for our lives knowing we chose our bodies, our parents, and our birth circumstances. Realizing that we made these choices can initiate an enormous shift in consciousness, further improving our decision making.


Ultimately, Being Light is a guide for living in the multidimensional realities of light and body, and thus living in the most beneficial way possible. Each of us originates from the same source of light energy, and thus we can all trans-channel light energy to obtain information for beneficial use in our daily lives, although some people, like myself, tap into it more readily and comprehensively than others.


My own gift of trans-channeling light energy has allowed me to live an extraordinary life serving others as a transformational seer and professionally guiding them for about fifty years in the use of light energy as information. I recall first seeing light around people when I was about a year old. Over time, I recognized light energy coming through me to be “data in-formation,” which we call information. At first, receiving such information was like watching thousands of television monitors all the time and being bombarded with more thoughts than my brain could process. As I “decoded” the energy coming into form, I became aware of what people were thinking and feeling. I could see energy and ribbons of colors become words, witness how people altered the energy for their own purposes, and observe how their interpretations impacted their actions.


Because my brain could not contain this flow of information, the only way I could deal with it was by expanding, and tapping consciousness beyond my brain. As I progressed, my experience with the use of light energy as information brought clarity and trust in my abilities, along with a disdain yet compassion for the daily struggles in which people chose to engage. I also realized that as a trans-channel of information from light energy I was accountable for any information I relayed to others.


Over the years, I have witnessed the value people have realized from their sessions with me as a transformational seer, and I feel blessed to be an agent of such experiences. Each session directly links the participant to soul and simultaneously to spirit so the information they receive is absorbed at both energetic and cellular levels. In response to inquiries about how I trans-channel information, I stress that it is a matter of trusting light energy and making myself a conduit so it flows freely through me as information. My clients have practiced the principles I encourage, using trust to raise their awareness as well, so they notice transformations in their lives and begin using information to better advantage. When given permission and validation in sessions, they gain a new perspective outside their comfort zones that often reflects messages they received before our conversations.


My overall mission as a transformational seer is to advance people’s awareness of light energy so that they can trans-channel it to awaken and enlighten human consciousness—their own and that of others. My purpose is to facilitate healing and wellness by promoting all things that generate the positive flow of light energy and eliminate impediments to this flow. Information received by trans-channeling alerts us to choices we can make to rid ourselves of negativity and ailments. It also offers insight into circumstances that make us feel defenseless and consequently helps us increase our strength and power.


It is my intent in this book to remove the shroud of mystery around trans-channeling so that all individuals can access the information necessary to guide them. Although the point of view expressed in these pages is new, the information itself is long established. Avatars, prophets, seers, gifted channels, and artists throughout history have tapped into light energy. It is as if those capable of expressing this energy in dramatic ways were born to share events deemed impossible from the human perspective, inspiring others to transcend their perceived limitations. Such individuals include Michelangelo, Fred Alan Wolf, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Edgar Cayce, Salvador Dali, Luciano Pavarotti, William Shakespeare, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, and Peter Carl (Karl Gustavovich) Fabergé.


Light energy transformation is our journey, and using it as a template for all that we create in our lives can help us gain awareness of our true potential in physical reality and beyond. As human beings living in multidimensional realities, we have the ability to trans-channel light energy directly through ourselves to create our own realities and be our own sources of light energy in relationship to everything and everyone in our midst.


It is my hope that readers will use this book to validate themselves as light beings and sustain their connections with spirit, soul, and light as their origin; gain confidence in their ability to trans-channel information to improve their lives; and better understand that every choice they make either adds to or detracts from their well-being. It is my heartfelt wish that humankind see the benefit of choosing to live by trans-channeling light energy for personal wellness, the common good, and global transformation. With light energy as our guide, we can create heaven on earth and express love and light as an everyday way of being.