2009 Blessing “Being Accountable For Your Life”

We are experiencing the new Age of Miracles, a time of unprecedented individual and global transformation. It is time to access the true faith in a higher power, whatever that happens to be for you and connect to that source directly through your heart. The sustaining power of light energy is what drives you and me to have ideals and thoughts beyond being in body so that we can be open to love in ways that truly express our heart. These new ideas that enter our minds channel from spirit guiding us in life; beyond the way you think, believe or perform actions and activities involving any belief system. It is what is called the light of God or the divine energy in any avatar or Supreme Being and it is summoning a deep knowing within us.

Focus on the positive aspects of this transformation rather than grieving the apparent losses, acting afraid and playing out the drama of the negative as a result of crisis. Avoid inflicting self-pain and suffering or imposing it on others. Spread unconditional love and light energy instead, respond and listen. At this time people are adhering to their core values in respect to friendships, material possessions and meaningful connections. We are recalling choices that have been made and are yet to be made and making them as heartfelt as possible. Yes, we are becoming aware of what letting go is all about. Ultimately we know letting go is about physical death; now it is more about closure and completion of life cycles so an experiential death. Completion actually signals a beginning more than an end. We are witnessing things that are happening for the first time ever no matter how miniscule or large they appear to us.

Choice is a powerful tool when you are accountable for the fact that you are here in body because you chose to be and know spirit guided you here. Our being here is not dependent on mom and dad. All they did was simply plant the seeds that got us into body. The guiding light of spirit guided us into form and that began as light energy before our choice of who our parents would be. This is not just a concept. It is our way of being, the way of light beings. Now is time to celebrate our lightness and the joy of living in the expansiveness of expressing love beyond conditions.

Life is not a game of having or not or having more or less. Basically, it is how we express light energy in form and how we experience this expansive energy flow in our everyday lives. It has to do with making clearer and better choices such as whom to partner, what to create and whether to be ill or not; handling whatever happens in the most positive way. It takes more than attitude and positive thinking; it takes expressing and experiencing lightness in form so that we manifest and share wellness.

Transformation means living beyond three dimensions and being open to how we originally were designed as beings of light. What about our dreams or the times we imagine that we can fly or feel the powers to accomplish things in life more than we have? We live in so many more dimensions and realities than we think. When our hearts are open to light energy flowing through us, we are powerful to envision and create all that we want in life. The shift has happened and the result is what is going on now and why it is time to celebrate and love more profusely. Be alert and spontaneous.

Throw caution to the wind and act now.

This is not as lofty as it sounds, it is tapping creation in ways that we know in our hearts is possible. It creates a physical phenomenon that feels like we have lost our minds and so we cling to symptoms of one sort or another when it is actually tuning our creative talents and abilities to use in ways that we are more than what we have or do. These are important and valuable distinctions to make so that we are constantly aware of our higher self while maintaining continuity with our earthly self. It is being aware of this interaction that sustains the flow of light energy and tunes us to information spirit guides us to see.

You may practice this by noticing that you are sorting and sifting through stuff, mentally and physically, making choices between what you want and what you need to get rid of. It is easy when you continue to choose what works for you and what does not. For example, a medical professional might give you information and it is your choice what to do with it. Keep in mind that you would have no idea of what to do next in any given situation if spirit was not whispering to you through your heart. Be clear that you have a choice in each moment to listen to someone else, your brain or to your heart. Every choice from your heart is empowering and tunes to spirit and this revitalizing flow of light energy.

It is time to be aware of shifting patterns in human consciousness and see the light of your own being.

This is time to recognize that what is happening is more about transformation than change and is beyond any considerations. It is time to pool our resources as humans, think in terms of the heart beyond any condition, and live as the light beings we are. Whales dive about four hundred feet, for example, in order to propel their massive weight and breech the surface of the water. Humans have to dive into their consciousness in order to break through into this flow of light energy and we call it depression. It is natural to connect with light energy, soul and spirit. Music and love are universal links connecting us through heart and soul. Connect and sustain all of this through your heart and live each day choosing what makes your heart sing.

Celebrate 2009 as the expression of a way of being loving and light. Look to see what you want to do, make a plan, trust and create how to go about it. Anything is possible in this dawn of human transformation. The shifts we are experiencing are signs that we have tapped the source of our creation and connected to a way of being we only imagined or dreamt about. It is real and it is well timed – timing is our trusted friend.

Be well, live fulfilled and keep a smile on your heart.

We wish you blessings beyond anything you ever imagined. Peace be with you.

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