Time to Celebrate Life and Spirit

“Break the chains of your thought and you break the chains of your body, too.”

~ Richard Bach

We are addressing the shifts and power of change because they are a fundamental force in the universe that we can harness to create and enhance the greater good. Right now we are in the midst of tremendous shifts on a global level and individually as well. How we perceive and deal with the significant changes in the financial market, environment, and political landscape will determine our well-being as inhabitants of planet earth. The foundations of religion, education and health are also being shifted and changed. Instead of reacting out of fear, anger, and resistance, we have to respond by trusting ourselves and that what is happening in the world is really about personal and global transformation and is positive.

The energetic shift that we have been experiencing from the inside out is also occurring from the outside in. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, financial, political, social, and environmental structures are crashing so that the negative energy can be released and new healthier forms can emerge out of the rubble in the most positive ways.

This healthy clearing process is like a metamorphosis that insects go through. We go through this to personally transform ourselves. Instead of being bound by the chains of negative mind sets, beliefs and behavioral patterns, we have to allow the negativity to clear from our bodies and minds replacing it with healthier enlightened ways of being. We do this first and foremost by becoming consciously aware of ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, and choices. It is imperative that we choose our thoughts, words and actions aligned with a lightness of being. Conscious awareness is what triggers the way to heightened attention. It helps us discern whether we are moving in a flow of positive energy or stuck in the muck and mire of negativity. When we surrender to lightness as a true state of being, we let go of fear, open to love, and transcend all circumstances no matter how difficult they may seem at the time.

Change is all around us. Recently it is being touted in the political arenas as candidates are espousing that they will be the ones to change what this country needs. As this is all well and good, we have to remember that we are the real change agents of our own inner landscape. Gandhi said, “We have to be the change we want to see in the world.” So, we have to start from the inside out and let this transformation expand out into the world. Begin with self, family, then community, city, state, country and world. Avoid letting the predictable fear of what is happening in these tumultuous times immobilize you.

Pay attention, embrace this shift and utilize this powerful flow of energy to clear your life of anything that is no longer appropriate to your being by making clear choices. Give yourself the freedom to follow your heart and allow the creative forces to move through you without trying to control or force anything to happen. By doing so, you will find this to be a more constructive way of operating in your life. Directing this positive flow of energy in this way you create enlightened shifts to happen.

This aligns with the soul journey and empowers you to be a force of well-being.

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