The word habit is thrown around a lot and just like all things in process has two sides to it. Some people, from their perspective, could say prayer is a good habit to get into. Others might say, not taking out the trash when it’s your turn, is a bad habit to get into. As human beings, everything that we do on this earth is in process and is seen as good or not so good and even bad. Process is a systematic series of actions directed to some end. It will be that way until you are no longer a human being in process of life. Even the closest level to the human being, the spirit, plays in process.

You have probably heard some people express that today their spirit is up or down. When much of life is lived as a habit, we discount the spirit and ignore its pull to leave the past behind. That pull by the spirit to release and create something new is where it gets sticky. Fear, as a defense, is aroused. Fear comes from the past, the only way the body can create fear is from old memories that strike a pattern that are similar to what you are experiencing, such as, every time the spirit pulls on the human to leave the past behind, then fear becomes a defense against our own nature. Fear is a holding pattern.

Habit is a tool that humans use to keep a grip on this world and to ground with. If the habit continues, the human is dulled and bored and hooked into a cycle of complacency. In this dulled state, the human struggles to create with the tools of habit and keeps falling into the trap deeper and deeper. This is when the spirit, which always plays, is said to be down, always true to where it is, the spirit is expressing and sending you information that is usually ignored, and then the predictable happens, something comes along to “clobber” us on the head to wake up, break up the patterns, and play with Spirit. Be guided by Spirit, don’t look back, take off from the spot you ground in and go from there.

Every creation is new and only looks like the same old stuff if you go back there and create. This is why habit is a tool in human process and not a very good one. Habit is recreating from the past. Create with your Spirit guiding you as the bridge between your humanness and the Light of your Being. There is no old in that space – it is always ground zero.

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