More than resolutions, it is imperative that you create life as you want it to be by declaring your choices clearly. It is how you choose to handle the things that happen that summons alignment with your intent with what you invite in as your future. With your intent you must put in place a support structure to assure it happening. This means sorting, making sure that your choices come through your heart and are not just ‘great ideas’ making great fantasies to dream on. Read the rest of this entry »

The Signs

Humanity has witnessed and been experiencing planetary and personal transformation and that is why there has been such a concentrated focus on negativity. Human consciousness has been like a festering infection surfacing purging to open so a healing can occur and regeneration can be affected. In physical terms it is horrible to have a pimple show up on our skin, sometimes simply from a superficial blocked pore to a more intense and deeper abscess that takes medical intervention to release the poison and heal. Read the rest of this entry »

Replace Fear with Love

Every day you must live beyond fear, access and exhibit pure and unconditional love, be willing to sort thoughts and actions so that you strive for harmony, peace and positive feelings to override the negative. This takes conscious practice and a grand sense of humor even when things appear grim and hopeless. Read the rest of this entry »


When you make exquisite choices for yourself and for others with love and their best interests at heart you create and empower light energy to flow. This becomes the healing required and the openness for spirit and soul to supply information that guides you and allows you feel clearer as a channel of light energy.

Celebrate Life and Your Soul Journey

Celebrate life for all it can be and continually make choices that reflect your spirit, intelligence, wisdom, love, and magnify the light being you were born to be. This is your soul journey. It is what life is about and what this time in our evolution is clearly about. Form in body to formless without leaving the body is what most people are having difficulty with. Read the rest of this entry »

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