Trans-channeling involves our total experience each moment and informs us of everything as conscious observers witnessing life. Often taken as negative when shared with others, it is invaluable information for the Seer. It invariably is only the Seer’s point of view but then that is what Trans-channeling is. Calculating information to express ourselves in life is what Light awareness and Trans-channeling are all about.

For example in life as we witness all that is going on we are scanning and taking pictures just as a camcorder does. Continuously taking information in through our senses and heart center to know what action to take in any situation. This assault or impact has us working all the time sorting it all. When we are clear and open channels of this information then we See and all is well. When there are habits and patterns that have formed along the way that cause us to react to this information then we begin processing the data and get bogged down. This occurs in oh so many ways and forms.

It is not possible to edit or filter this constant flow of information unless there is restriction or inhibition of our senses – which is the path to illness. Any constricting of our natural abilities to See causes discomfort and disease. It matters not what the information is that is being shut off – the same results. Information triggers our senses to what to do and so when we are in transition or closure in our life, especially when we have completed a cycle like relationship or job for instance, if there is a pattern operating our reaction creates a choice. Like a fork in the road we have a fork in our consciousness and the reaction causes a choice to be ill.

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