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We invite you to participate in Foundation In Light gatherings. These experiences are used to sharpen your communication skills, hone in on how to more effectively listen to and be open to guidance by spirit. The time is safe haven for you to look at patterns that operate in your life even though you might not be aware on a conscious level of the way they inhibit. How you channel light energy is to cut these patterns and open your heart center to allow a more fluid awareness and information to flow.

We are all conduits of information and some develop more than others. When you look at running patterns in your life you can break them and be more available to create what you want. Cultivating a more clear relationship with self and then other relationships are great ways to use the information in gatherings.

Sometimes use of trans-meditation and other times guided meditations along with silence and reflection are the tools throughout the experience to assist you a better grasp of use of light force energy. Healing and tackling problem areas in life are also beneficial uses of retreats. Directors guide you in the principles and use of light energy awareness so you can be more confident in your own daily life.

Please consider registering for the next gathering in plenty of time to plan your visit and can prepare for your time in the gathering which will transform your entire experience of living as you know it.




The material presented is designed to infuse a cellular shift in consciousness.  This means that you will form thought as light energy so you can operate being grounded physically while tuning to spirit, soul and light.

This experience is time to create ways to remain in tune with spirit and use information that flows through us more clearly and beneficially. Spirit guides our listening and use of that information.

Usable spirituality in every aspect of our existence begins with knowing that we chose to be here in our body.  Playing victim like we don’t know who we are is why we play at cause and effect in life. Our origin is light energy and soul and our spirit guide us according to our own design. To live otherwise is why we are so distracted by negative patterns of behavior and perpetuate bad habits that are fear-based. We are powerful beings of light and know how to tap creation to create our own reality. Make life a wonderful experience of living and celebrate being here.

We are the sum total of all our experiences in life, each minute, hour, day and every choice we make is our soul journey.  We make mistakes to see how we can improve and continue choosing more clearly.  Spirituality is about being who we are and what we came here to create.  This in contrast to our humanness, which is to do what we can to be a clear channel of light energy in body and do all we can to serve others and make the world better for our being here.

The environment and gathering is safe haven for you to look at yourself, hold a mirror up for you to reflect on habits, patterns and create the link between you, spirit and soul.  It takes being aligned on all levels and aware of how light energy empowers you to create your own reality.  To be in a positive energy flow continuously is astonishing and affirming.

Our life exists in cycles, which is why patterns of behavior loop and why it is easy to fall into ruts and feel stuck.  Spirit assists us in cutting through cycles so that we can progress consciously.  You will be assisted to become aware of tools to progress spiritually and look at principles to be open to spirit.  Trusting your voice and listening to yourself is powerful use of spirit.

Spirit is completion

We witness spirit as an active guide when we inspire and create.  When we bring closure in our human processes spirit opens us to beginnings, fresh starts, new thoughts and ways to express unavailable to us before.  Spirit gives us new words and ways to see things anew.   Did you ever think where you get that new idea?  Spirit informs us.  Spirit cuts through our thoughts, creates chaos, is mostly unsettling and disturbing to mindsets, former programming and patterns of behavior that impede our progress.  Spirit is consciousness in progression.

To be in touch with consciousness in progression is a level shift accessing soul and light.  This allows an open flow of information that frees us from the shackles of our human consciousness.  Spirit prompts us to manifest possibilities that we as human beings are unable to see. This stretches, expands and eliminates mental and physical blocks so we can be receptive to information from soul and light energy.

Beings beyond condition in a conditional world, designed as present future aware rather than time oriented creates a desire to excel, be different, contradict the predictable and ignite the extraordinary.

When we are accountable for our birth and choices in body we shift to spirit, soul and light energy.  We become one with the universe and are at peace.  It is then that we can accomplish what we came here to do and can be who we came here to be.

Part One    Physical

Part Two    Spirit and Soul

Part Three Light integrated

What is happening now is a shift is our human consciousness.  We are orienting to our Template of Origin and tuning to spirit, soul and light progressions.  This means that we are disrupting mindsets and opening to ways of being that are authentic to us as beings of light.


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