Insights About the Use of Seeing

Your being in body is complex the way that a computer is designed to sustain and accomplish many functions simultaneously. It is complete in the same way by tabulating varied tasks from a variety of files programmed and stored in it. Transformation is the shift in that capacity to keep data and process it the same. This really gets confusing when you think of it but looking at it as computing, managing files, storing and deleting makes it easier to handle.

When you look at all the information that comes through you, most of which is irrelevant or most probably does not even relate to you, then it is necessary to let it go or dump it from time to time. This is where thinking of yourself as a computer for a moment helps you to understand what to do with old habits and patterns of behavior. This assists you in detaching emotionally to look into what is happening. When you want to clean up files in a computer and open space you clean disk and then defragment the system. When you want to eliminate or shift information in you to create more space you See.

Seeing in relationship to your body and circumstances is the basic use of Seeing. It is necessary to clean out and reorganize the stuff you have stored in your brain. Even when you dump it and the files are empty your brain will still run phantoms of the old material. Even if you can think of the most advanced and efficient backup system in the world of computer technology it is no match for the brain. The brain will bring up old forgotten, eliminated and rejected files forever until you cut them by Seeing. Well, at least for that time when you are most vulnerable and invite that old data in by mistake.

The brain and body, while designed to eliminate, simply hold on and make it seem nearly impossible to let go. So when you get information from an authority figure such as a teacher or doctor then it can be difficult to discern that information from your own being, who you really are.

Ever feel bogged down? Of course you do as a human being with all the information and circumstances you come in contact with. There is a running dialogue between your brain and your being (through your Heart Center). Just looking at the pattern or thing that is causing you anxiety is a great start. Once you look at it you open to See it then you can continue reminding yourself that it is done with. Inhibiting this struggle between the heart and the head is using Seeing to cut patterns. When you do that consistently then patterns will not run in the foreground and most likely be ejected completely in time.

It helps to see the humor in these processes for these voices in your head are your brain, your spirit guiding you, which is your Seeing. Forgive that you are human and know that you See. Growing up we always know what is appropriate to our being and what is not. In the attempt to be good children, behave and please those around us there is that tendency to put being aside and compromise ourselves. It takes a constant vigilance in looking at the information and Seeing to be in touch with what goes on and keep them operating separately and simultaneously. This is when you are Seeing as being.

Do you know that Light speed is slow here? Light measured in this dimensional world is slow and why so many sensitive people go think they are crazy is all the energy going through them. When you feel weird or anxious it is most often Light energy moving through you breaking up old patterns so that you can create new. As creational beings, beings that can create their own reality, it is essential to let yourself scan and See so that you stay on the track of your own reality rather than succumbing to other. There is a conscious reality that the fear factor rules when it is just an accumulation of all the times you shifted your being into the circumstances rather than holding your own. There really is no such thing as fear. Fear is Seeing in denial.

The voices that speak through you are your Seeing. You are getting this information from another plane of consciousness or you would have no questions and just do what you are doing. The struggle you put yourself through is when you are transmitting Light along with all that is going on; this can interfere with your system. Unless you are in a chamber, like the one in Tokyo I found myself in designed to cut off all waves and electromagnetic currents, you must isolate yourself in the way that a trans will do. This chamber, by the way, was built to read the meridians and report a diagnostic evaluation of the entire body. In fact, a person in this chamber hooked up to this machine upon death the machine would continue reading the soul for up to 3 weeks the same as when the person was alive.

A meditation in trans creates this same effect. It is the highest level you can go to in body and will break the electromagnetic field. Leaving you formless and detached you isolate the heart center so it opens and that is when you get messages of inspiration. It is essential to practice and maintain this especially when you are working with conditions like those that exist in this universe.

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