Being grateful

As beings visiting this planet it is crucial that we are grateful for life here.  Being grateful includes being humble, vulnerable, kind, loving and mindful that we are guests here.  In this way we must honor living here and caring for this place and others.

It always humors me that so many look for aliens and dwell on objects and entities from elsewhere when we are the intruders and foreigners.  Humans cannot drop our seed to create another like trees and plant life.  We do decompose compatibly with the soil however so we leave no trace of our physically having been here when we leave.  It is good to remember that birth takes place from being inside the body of another human being.  We attempt to glorify it and beautify it when it is a function of all animal life not organic to earth.  Being alien to this earth we must do all we can to cherish and nurture always making it better for being here.

Care for yourself and others, serve in ways that contribute to living heaven on earth.  Be a happy being rather than choosing to be happy being miserable.

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