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Trans-channeling involves our total experience each moment and informs us of everything as conscious observers witnessing life. Often taken as negative when shared with others, it is invaluable information for the Seer. It invariably is only the Seer’s point of view but then that is what Trans-channeling is. Calculating information to express ourselves in life is what Light awareness and Trans-channeling are all about. Read the rest of this entry »


The word habit is thrown around a lot and just like all things in process has two sides to it. Some people, from their perspective, could say prayer is a good habit to get into. Others might say, not taking out the trash when it’s your turn, is a bad habit to get into. As human beings, everything that we do on this earth is in process and is seen as good or not so good and even bad. Process is a systematic series of actions directed to some end. It will be that way until you are no longer a human being in process of life. Even the closest level to the human being, the spirit, plays in process. Read the rest of this entry »


Fear only exists in human consciousness, sourcing mostly by the programming of beliefs. We are taught it and given examples by others’ behavior so we pick up the notion. On other levels it can bleed through information we access from what is called “past lives.” Fear inhibits all senses and so cancels instinct. Our instincts protect us naturally; fear paralyzes us rendering us helpless. We have been asked repeatedly over the years how to overcome fear. We respond by telling the person to let go. Read the rest of this entry »

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